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author image by Henke | 0 Comments | September 1, 2021

Welcome back my dudes! Did I ever tell you the backstory of why there’s now a penguin in our first single player mission, also called the challenge? I guess not. There are a few reasons for this. The first one is that we’ve had a long summer vacation and hence the frequency of these updates experienced a massive decline. 

The other, more relevant factor, is that I simply do not know. We had the option to choose between a human (a soldier, a lord, Jesus or what have you) and a penguin. Of course we chose the latter. 

And appearance is not everything. More importantly is doing what you’re told. On this mission you’re not given any options. If you don’t deliver the exact amount of goods that the penguin demands of you before the time is up, you will lose. Meet the demands and you will recieve points and get to continue on this endless map.

The overall goal then is to get as many points as possible and aim to land the number one spot on the “High Score”. With this release the High Score will be reset and a huge shout out to the player Fejk who has been dominating this list during the summer. I can promise that the competition for the number one spot will be more fierce during this fall! 

As per usual. A summary of the last two weeks changes can be found below. 

Patch Notes 517


  • NPC Building Spawns will more frequently spawn at the edge of the map. 


  • Heroes will now prioritize shooting at hostile units over seagulls and other high value targets such as wheat fields. 
  • Units are no longer visible on the minimap if they are located under the “fog of war”.
  • Aliens will now band together and attack players and cities. 
  • Aliens are no longer afraid of heights and can walk freely on hills.

Challenge Map

  • Released a new version of the challenge map. This version includes dynamic dialogues and the option to skip dialogues. We’ve also reduced the amount of items scattered across the map making it a bit more difficult overall. The High Score will be defaulted and if you happen to fail a delivery, the penguin will accordingly fuck you right up. 

Campaign Mission 1 (Hold the Portals) 

  • First version of the campaign will be uploaded later this week. The mission takes you on a challenge to seize control of four alien portals. Failing to control these portals will lead to your impending doom. Rushing to take control of all portals at once will increase alien hostility towards you and make your stay much more unpleasant. It’s all about executing the right amount of work/war balance. This map will have one difficulty at release, but more will be added further down the road. Including the option to play CO-OP. 


  • New construction & plant mode, providing visual guidance where buildings can be constructed and where seeds can be sown.
  • Opening the tech window will now hide building menus.
  • Added visual guidance showing where the hero is aiming its weapon and if the target is in or out of range. 


  • Holding the Q button while selecting a resource will now rapidly drop those items from the inventory.

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