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Let there be maps

Yep. We broke the game. Or rather, the game broke on us. I don’t think this was the first time that the game was unplayable for a week or two, and I would be hesitant to bet my imaginary pension funds that it will not happen again. Hopefully I’m wrong about the last one though. I happen to have great imaginary pension rates. So what happened was basically that a third party addon that we use for multiplayer games was updated without our knowledge causing the map generation phase in the beginning of multiplayer games to crash. The problem with…

by Henke
April 7, 2021

Tutorial time!

I am very pleased to announce that with this patch, we’re releasing the first version of a tutorial mission! We’ve talked about a tutorial and campaign missions for quite some time now, while switching back and forth with working on both single player missions and multiplayer functionality. We still believe that multiplayer functionality will be the core of this game going forward, but as we continue to develop the game, the complexity increases and so does the need for some proper instructions on how to play the game. First of many missions The tutorial is a pretty straightforward mission where…

by Henke
March 17, 2021

Grenades Fiesta

Little did we know that “grenades” would be a new all in strategy for many players. Instead of trying to construct and maintain a proper production chain and achieving victory by pure greatness, some opted for a more destructive path to tackle the game.  One grenade by itself didn’t turn out to be much of a threat, but 10 grenades thrown at exactly the same time did. With enough hand grenades in the inventory, a hero could basically destroy an entire army by just running around and throwing grenades left and right, making it rain like it was the 4th…

by Henke
March 3, 2021


As we’ve been playing on fairly large maps the past few weeks, I can honestly say that the "continents" setting was a great success. Building a settlement on a continent instead of an island gave me, to my surprise, a much more hostile approach to strangers, and I’ll tell you why. While building and exploiting the surrounding area of an isolated island, I can most of the time be fairly certain that other players only pay me a visit when they want to steal something. Which is fine. Sometimes. But most of the time I don’t support stealing stuff, but…

by Henke
February 17, 2021

Islands are way overrated

I mean, what can you really do on an island? A quick google search resulted in activities such “beaches, biking, camping and horseback riding on the beach” (again?!). If you ask me islands seem to be way too reliant on their beaches to sustain any serious tourism or civilization for that matter. And let’s not talk about what it takes to defend an island against intruders. Apart from a proper defense, you’ll need a shit ton of naval units which by themselves cannot invade anything other than other islands. So then you are stuck in an “island limbo”. More islands,…

by Henke
February 3, 2021

Looks like visuals are back on the menu boys!

When giving a quick glance through the last two week’s patch notes, it might seem like we’ve gone all in on giving the game a facelift. We’ve implemented a lot of new assets for buildings and made some improvements to the minimap for example. One thing we’ve learned about the minimap is that the minimap somewhat operates with a free will of its own. You might think it would be an easy feat to display some basic icons showing mineral patches across the map (we’re currently working on this), but you’d be wrong. Since we moved to Construct 3 the…

by Henke
January 20, 2021

Year of the Racoon

Hope you’ve all had a great start to the new year so far!  While we haven’t been quite as productive during the holidays we’ve still managed to do a whole lot. First off, we have taken the time to really tackle some of the issues causing the CPU-usage to dramatically increase in the later stages of the game. There are several things demanding more CPU-power as the game goes on and we’ve previously optimized some of these, for example units and how they behave.  One thing/category that wasn’t as easy to spot as a master CPU thief, were the animals.…

by Henke
January 6, 2021


We've had a few weeks with book burnings, extreme wood supply shortages and an unlimited amount of oil. They have been challenging but I’m now fairly confident to say that the implementation of oil and fuel in particular was a success. The remaining features regarding oil is an offshore rig building and making oil a required resource for end game units. Otherwise it’s been released exactly as we intended, with possibly a few minor bumps along the way.  So, in terms of features there might not be a whole lot new in comparison to the last few weeks as we…

by Henke
December 9, 2020


Little did we know that introducing oil would cause a huge distress among workers in town, resulting in Thrive’s worldfirst book bonfire. Every great piece of knowledge ever produced by the town’s universities quickly went straight to the nearest mill and was turned into ash in a matter of a few seconds. And there was nothing to be done about it. All books had to burn in order to supply nearby buildings with fuel, and in hindsight, who can blame the poor bastards for wanting a cozy evening by the fireplace?  So that was the first week of trying to…

by Henke
November 25, 2020

Units, terrain and oil

Last week we witnessed something magical. There were two players left in the monthly final, battling each other in a game that had been ongoing for a good two hours. It seemed like it would go down to the wire when all of sudden a victor emerged. Even though the victory was well deserved, the winning play was somewhat unorthodox. What more or less happened was a desync between units among the two players left, causing a few units, in this case two galleys to magically teleport across the map and setting up shop right next to the enemy players…

by Henke
November 11, 2020
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