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    • First version of the tutorial is released.


    • Improved effectiveness of oil and coal as fuel. 1 unit of coal now amounts to 2 units of wood (from 1.5 wood). 1 unit of oil amounts to 7 units of wood (from 5.7 wood).
    • Towers will now shoot at hostile animals. Also added an ammunition counter in the tower’s building menu.
    • Added short keys for most buildings shown in the “name description” of the building. Also updated description info on buildings.
    • Solved a bug causing buildings to delete some resources when changing production output. Items will now correctly be thrown out in front of the building.
    • Fixed an issue causing houses to consume food at a 3x higher rate.
    • Books are no longer free in the bank.


    • New Weapon: Molotov Cocktail. Can be used and thrown by the hero. Will create burning effects on the target and the surrounding area.
    • Adjusted the trajectory and bouncing of hand grenades.
    • Increased the damage output by the rifle & M4 by around 25%.
    • Added reload sound to rifles.


    • Notifications will now correctly display text, instead
    • Fixed an issue which caused the hero to not be able to withdraw items from production buildings.

    New bugs that we’re currently working on to solve until next week are;

    • Some towers not shooting at enemies/aliens despite having ammo.
    • Decrease number of scattered items at the start (except for “usables” such as grenades, boats etc).
    • Show correct amount of minerals on patches while hovering.
    • Fix an issue causing apple trees to produce oranges.
    • Fix hero not being able to mine minerals.
    • Prevent market from picking up hemp.
    • Traders getting stuck & delivering to enemy ports (if previously owned by yourself)
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