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author image by Henke | 0 Comments | April 21, 2021

Have you ever experienced a game where all your production buildings seemed to be super effective and had little or no interruptions? Me neither. 

For example, when I played this game yesterday I ended up with an iron shortage in my warehouse, leaving production buildings idle, only to discover that nearly all my iron had been sent away to the nearby university and put to use in the name of science. Which sounds cool, but last time I checked it was hard defeating your foes using books, despite them being hardcover and all.

Town Hall

To tackle this issue and few others, we’re releasing a new building with the Town Hall. This building will act as a foundation for your settlement, proclaiming the settlement into a city and provide you with a city overview. This means that you will see the total amount of resources in your city (all storages combined) and symbols showing you current trends on whether you are gaining or losing certain items. 

The Town Hall will certainly have more features down the line, but for now the overview is a first step in the right direction. Without a proper overview it has been nearly impossible to make well informed decisions based on macro events. 

We’ve also added vision to buildings, so if you place a settlement somewhere without towers (they provide vision), you will still see the surrounding area. Making it a bit easier to navigate the map. 



  • New Concept: City. A City is founded once a player builds a Town Hall. Everything connected to the same road as the Town Hall will belong to the founded City. 
  • New Building: Town Hall. Will provide the player with a city overview of resources, employment and the option to found/name a City. Town Hall will cost 3 stone, 3 wood and 2 copper bars.
  • All buildings will now provide vision on the map. 
  • Logistic buildings (Port & Warehouse) will now help each other with demand. For example if you have a Port with 0 iron bars and a Forge nearby that needs iron bars, another logistic building, say a Warehouse, will deliver iron bars to the Port, which will then give it to the Forge. This only works if your warehouse has the working area set over the Port. 
  • Trade routes on land now work again (Warehouse & Port). 


  • Lower level units (swordsman, archer, galley & cannon) now take about 30% less time to be trained.
  • Increased stats of Marines: + 8% speed, + 100% swim speed, + 5% hp.
  • Increased the healing speed of units from 0.12 hp/sec to 0.24hp/sec.
  • Workers will now go over bridges instead of swimming. 


  • Grenades no longer bounce on water.
  • Decreased blast range of grenades by 10%.
  • Molotovs and grenades can now be found in drops. 


  • Added region specific ambient sounds.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “0” button to select all units of all teams. 
  • Visual improvements of the tech tree.

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