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author image by Henke | 0 Comments | May 19, 2021

We’ve come one stop closer in making trading via a third party NPC work. Maybe it doesn’t work as smoothly as we’d like. But to paint you a picture of where we’re at let’s use a quote made famous by no other than Paul Rudd 

“60 percent of the time, it works every time”

And this could perhaps be no further from the truth, because usually a new feature tends to either work or not work at all. But I’ve been waiting a long time for a situation to put that particular quote to use.

Trading Company

But enough about me, the NPC trading system in its current state is ready to be put to the test. It will probably change a lot before we feel that it has reached a state that is good enough. As of right now the neutral trading company will issue trades from a neutral Port. The Port will be generated from the start with various items and a quantity of 30 of said items. The trading company will then buy everything that other players put up for sale until it reaches a quantity of 50 of that item. 

Players can also buy items from the trading company as long as that item is still in stock. Prices will be static at first, but we’re looking to implement dynamic pricing in the future. 

When buying items you simply enter your own Port, choose a desired item and a target level for that item. A target level is simply a desired amount of an item that you want to have in your own Port storage. Say that you have 5 coal in storage, and you set a buy order with a target level of 20 coal. The NPC will then sell you 15 coal, so it adds up to 20. As you use that coal, down to say 10, a new shipment of an additional 10 coal will arrive, provided you have sufficient funds.

The same goes for selling. If you put a sell order with a target level of 20 coal, the Port will try to sell ALL of your coal that exceeds the amount of 20. So be careful with this one. 

Oh, and make sure that you put some of those hard earned gold coins in your Port if you’re looking to buy items. All trades will use gold coins as the chosen currency. 

Patch Notes 510


  • Added a neutral port (trading company). The trading company will buy and sell items from all players. To trade, simply enter your Port and set up a buy/sell order. A buy/sell order consists of setting a “target level” of a certain item that you want to trade. Your port will then strive to have exactly the “target level“ amount in its storage.  


  • Fixed an issue causing mines to show wrong or no icons of its current mining target 
  • Hunter will now pick up nearby eggs
  • Repairing tower ruins should now work as intended. 
  • Heroes can no longer build roads upon fields


  • Mountains will no longer overlap canals. 
  • Added an option to adjust mineral richness in the lobby


  • Remade team colors, markers, avatars & minimap icons
  • Improved graphics of fruit trees


  • Starting gold adjusted to 300
  • Tech: Added a counter to show ongoing research progress

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