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author image by Henke | 0 Comments | September 15, 2021

Oh yes, you heard that right! Not that they were really gone. You could still build walls, gates, towers and all that good stuff. But seeing as walls cost a lot of stone and were basically useless, no one ever bothered to use them. 

Now the walls are much stronger than before, meaning that they will actually provide some protection unless your opponent brings in the big guns (cannons, tanks etc). All units can still break down walls but it will take up to 10-20 times longer than before if they don’t carry around some kind of explosive potential. 

There are lots of changes from the past two weeks, so I will keep this text to a minimum. I recommend reading about damage & armor types in the patch notes. And read it twice, as I still can’t quite understand what I’m trying to say there. 

Patch Notes 519

Campaign 1 & Challenge map

  • Adjusted the difficulty on the challenge map. It’s now a bit easier in the beginning and more difficult as time goes on. 
  • A first playable version of the campaign is uploaded. Can be accessed via the main menu. 

Damage & Armor types

Introducing a new damage dealing system for units and buildings. The way it works is that every unit and building belongs to an “armor type”. Different weapons have a bonus or penalty vs said armor types.

  • Different weapons have a bonus or penalty vs said armor types. I.e. arrows now deal bonus damage to BIO units (non armored infantry) and heavily reduced damage vs metal (tanks, knights etc).

Most damage bonuses and penalties are within a range of 30% of its previous damage output with a few exceptions:

  • Walls take reduced damage of at least 80% vs everything that is not explosive. Fire (i.e. molotovs) do 80% less damage vs stone buildings and Mech Infantry do 50% more damage to everything that is metal.

The best way to go about this until I have something visual to publish is to use common sense. Fire will be devastating to wood whilst firing an automatic rifle against a wooden ship won’t be as effective. Still confusing? I bet.  


  • Remade the walls & gates. Visually the walls are now much bigger and they have a lot more HP than before. All attacks except explosives (rockets, tanks, cannons and grenades) suffer a massive damage penalty against walls.  
  • Towers are once again constructable on bridges
  • Barracks no longer cost a sword to construct. 


  • Increased the movement speed of all units (lowered from last week though) and adjusted the base speed of all units. As an example: early melee units are now faster than archers. Heroes (with boots) are still faster than all units. Marines with late game tech will be faster than heroes though. 
  • Fields and fruit trees are no longer targetable (by hero/units)
  • Fixed death animations for heroes and galleys.

Tools & Techs

  • Mines can be placed on land/water and only cost one circuit to produce. Also decreased the opacity making mines alot harder to detect for enemies.  
  • Mines & Grenades now require Gunpowder (was explosives). Making them easier to unlock. 
  • Tech Fertilizer (harvest bonus) & Blitz (increased movement speed of all units) now work. 


  • New map type: Pangea 
  • Fixed an issue causing the market to not display what’s in stock in the wooden boxes.

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