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A House is a necessary building in any settlement. Provides shelter for your workers. Can be upgraded multiple times in order to house more workers. Every level equals one additional citizen/worker. Citizens will take up work in any other building that is connected to their house by road. 


Will cut down nearby trees for wood. Wood is used as a building material for all other buildings. The Woodcutter supports up to four workers, depending on it’s level. 


The Port is your seaside logistics center. It will pick up items from buildings (and the ground) and put them in storage. Items will remain in storage until other buildings have demand for those items. Items in storage can also be sent away to other Ports (friendly or hostile) via Trade Routes. Can be upgraded to support four workers. Storage can also be upgraded. 


Produces books used for research. Research is needed to unlock tech, new units and improvements. Can be upgraded three times for faster production. 


The Warehouse is your main logistics center (it has more storage than the Port). It will pick up items from  other buildings (and the ground) and put them in storage. Items will remain in storage until other buildings create a demand for those items. Items in storage can also be sent to other Warehouses or Ports via Trade Routes. Can be upgraded to support four workers. Storage can also be upgraded. 

Siege Workshop

The Siege Workshop is a military building where you can produce siege weapons such as cannons & tanks. Advanced units such as tanks requires technological research before made available for production. 


The Shipyard is where you can produce naval units, such as Trader ships and Galleys. Research will enable Galleons and Destroyers for production.


Mines can extract mineral ore from the surface. Chose whether you want to mine coal, iron, copper or gold and the Mine will send out miners to your designated area.  Mines can be upgraded two times and support three workers. 


Mills will refine mineral ore into workable material, such as iron bars for example. Refined material can then be used by other buildings to produce tools, material or units. 


The Market will gather food from your farmand stock up on food. Nearby houses will then go to the Market and pick up available food, eliminating the need for you to manually feed your citizens. 

Hunter's Hut

The Hunter’s Hut is the home of, you guessed it, a hunter. He will hunt nearby animals for meat and leather.  Cannot be upgraded. 


The Forge is where you create tools, weapons and various resources which other buildings need in production. The forge can be upgraded five times. Each level enables new items. It also supports up to four workers.


The Farm will harvest nearby fruit, crops and hemp once a a year during harvest season. Without a farm and a proper food supply you’ll have a difficult time managing your settlement.


The Church will convert nearby houses/citizens to your chosen/assigned religion. Once all of your citizens have been touched by the divine they will start to pay tax to the church, i.e. the church will start generating money. Can also be used to convert other player’s citizens to your religion.  


Military building where you can train infantry units. Swordsmen are ready to be trained from the get go. Other units need to be unlocked through research.  

Oil Rig

The Oil Rig can only be built upon oil patches. The building will produce oil until the oil patch is depleted. Unlike other building, the oil rig does not need any workers. 



The Bank let’s you deposit money and will give you interest on all coins that you deposit up to a 1000 gold. You can also buy various items directly from the bank for gold coins. 

Fisherman's Hut

The Fisherman’s Hut will fish at nearby locations, set by the working area. Once fish has been caught, the fisherman will drop three fish just outside the building for for the market to pick up. Cannot be upgraded.

Defensive Buildings

Stone Tower

Basic defense tower.  Will throw stone rocks at hostile units and other players. Can be upgraded into an archer or a cannon tower for more defensive power. 


Damage: 6

Range: 220

Hitpoints: 230

Archer Tower

Archer towers are powerful versus single target enemies. Will shoot arrows at hostile units and can be upgraded one time to increase damage and fire rate. 


Damage: 12 (20 dmg when upgraded)

Range: 235

Hitpoints: 260 (300 hp when upgraded)

Cannon Tower

Cannon Towers are effective versus a group of enemies. Will shoot cannon balls at hostile units and can be upgraded one time to increase damage and fire rate.


Damage:  14 (25 dmg when upgraded)

Range: 245

Hitpoints: 260 (300 hp when upgraded)




Early infantry unit


Damage: 12

Hitpoints: 80

Speed: 52



Armored melee unit

Damage: 32

Range: 0 

Hitpoints: 140

Speed: 48



Early ranged infantry


Damage: 10

Range: 180

Hitpoints: 50

Speed: 65


Fast Archer

Early ranged infantry


Damage: 14

Range: 195 

Hitpoints: 65

Speed: 70



Mid game ranged unit


Damage: 26

Range: 200

Hitpoints: 95

Speed: 65


Mech Marine

Late game ranged unit


Damage: 8×3

Range: 225

Hitpoints: 160

Speed: 65



Late game ranged unit


Damage: 8×6

Range: 220

Hitpoints: 140

Speed: 80


Siege Units


Early siege unit


Damage: 18

Range: 225

Hitpoints: 105

Speed: 42


Steel Cannon

Upgraded cannon


Damage: 20

Range: 235

Hitpoints: 145

Speed: 45



Powerful allround late game unit


Damage: 40

Range: 250

Hitpoints: 230

Speed: 64


Rocket Artillery

Long range artillery unit. 

Damage: 40×4

Range: 400

Hitpoints: 130

Speed: 57



A trader is a small ship that will travel between ports, loading and unloading goods depending on your active trade routes. If you don’t have any trade routes the trader will idle. 


Hitpoints: 150

Speed: 55



Early naval unit


Damage: 18

Range: 235

Hitpoints: 180

Speed: 53



Mid game naval unit


Damage: 18×2

Range: 245

Hitpoints: 260

Speed: 45



Late game naval unit


Damage: 40×4

Range: 300

Hitpoints: 360

Speed: 50


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