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author image by Henke | 1 Comment | September 29, 2021

Hello there. Two weeks ago we introduced more durable walls and to date I cannot really say that they have been used that much. Mainly because everyone that plays this game (in multiplayer) is always on a shortage of stone. So hopefully, by increasing the amount of stone on the map and the work rate of stone miners, this will no longer be an issue. 

So while we wait for the glory of walls all around, we added a new alien unit to the game. It looks kind of like a frog, it leaps like a frog and it spits poisonous goo like a frog kind of does. So in many ways it’s an alien frog. 

Don’t let its appearance fool you though. This bastard will probably turn out to be more annoying than the current monkey. It will attack, retreat, attack and you guessed it, retreat again. Making it the perfect nuisance in so many ways. When hit you will take direct damage but also experience a poisonous effect doing damage over time. 

This combined with the fact that aliens will now guard their spawns a bit better will hopefully make aliens a factor in this game again! 

Patch notes 521


  • Added a new alien: Hopper. This guy is a ranged unit, which will spit poisonous attacks against its foes. In contrast to the other alien units, the hopper will attack and then retreat before coming back to attack again. 
  • Aliens are overall more aggressive. They will also rush to defend hives if a nearby hive is under attack. 


  • Walls can now be placed upon bridges. The same way as with towers. 
  • Gates should now work correctly.
  • Houses without access to a Market will now fetch nearby food on their own. This includes food on the ground and from a nearby Port or a Warehouse. 
  • Fixed an issue with houses hoarding too much food. 
  • NPC trader should work once again in multiplayer mode 
  • Mines “working area” can now be set anywhere, even if the area in question does not have any minerals or the wrong mineral type.

Challenge & Campaign

  • The “Challenge map” is now more difficult, but completed levels will yield a higher score. You have less time to complete a level but you will also get more points upon completion depending on how much time you have left when handing in your items. 
  • Added an easy, medium & hard difficulty setting to the first campaign mission. This setting will primarily affect how many aliens that will spawn and how often. 


  • Hero can now view and interact with the map & minimap while rowing a boat.
  • Increased the damage of watermines. Heroes will no longer trigger mines in water. 
  • Pressing the button “T” will no longer bring up the tech menu while browsing the building menu.
  • Fruit trees will now correctly show if there is fruit to harvest. Also fixed a bug which disabled the option to plant a new tree/crop where a fruit tree earlier had been placed. This happened when someone destroyed your shit with molotovs, or chopped them down. 


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