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author image by Henke | 0 Comments | May 5, 2021

A while back we introduced something that we decided to name “trading contracts”. The reasoning behind the contracts was that they would act as the foundation of player to player trading. One player could basically send a trade offer to another player who then had the options to accept, decline or make a counter proposal. Then available trading ships would automatically carry out the trade on a yearly basis. Easy right? Except for one thing; 

So while we’re not too eager to dismiss this feature, we’re currently working on a replacement. This new trading system features a neutral trader unit and the ability to offload or buy any type of resource directly from this trader. Prices will act dynamically which mean that if all players want to buy copper, the price of copper will skyrocket like the Zimbabwean dollar and eventually run out. And the same goes for selling, if all players decide to flood the market with apples, the price of apples will be dirt cheap. Just imagine something like a 10:1 banana to apple ratio. Mind boggling stuff indeed.  

First iteration

An open marketplace will be a huge game changer, because from now on it will be much harder to “get stuck” because you’re missing out on iron, copper or something else that’s essential for progress. It will also give an incentive to greed even more and fight for all of the map’s available resources because of the ability to sell abundant resources. 

The first version of open market trading will likely miss out on a NPC trader unit and have an interface in a Port. Available traders will then carry out the trades instead. So be sure to build some trader ships. Also, trades will cost gold, so constructing an early church might be a good idea!

Patch Notes 508


  • Replaced all voice commands. Also added voice commands for units retreating, incoming grenades and formation orders.


  • Production buildings will now swap fuel to a more efficient type if available. Before doing so the building will use all of its current fuel before making the switch.
  • Fixed a bug causing all buildings to give vision to all players. Now it only gives vision to the owning team. 
  • Towers Lvl 2 now requires the fortification tech.

Units & Hero

  • Decreased Galleys HP by 10%
  • Increased the hero’s planting speed by 50%.
  • The Hero can now drop gold coins on the ground 


  • Grenades will now bounce on bridges. 
  • Reduced damage done by arrows (when the hero is shooting) from 10 to 9.
  • Molotovs now have a larger damage radius: +30%


  • Added “T” as a hotkey to view the tech tree.
  • Added a new badge, unlocked after killing a “founder”. 
  • Team boards should now correctly display alive/dead players.
  • Hero HP bar is now aligned just above the inventory space.

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